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"We first thought about buying a home abroad back in 2008. But we only made a decision a year ago after our friends invited us to stay in his villa in Turkey. I was fascinated by Turkey. Luxury beaches with golden sand, fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance, plenty of cosy cafes and of course the warm sea. Coming from Moscow's grey polluted atmosphere, Turkey was paradise. Our Friends told us how to choose a house and gave us My Home's contact details. My Home showed us all of their projects and explained how all the documents are issued. After a detailed consultation with a My Home sales professional we decided to buy a very lovely home. The expert staff at My Home were competent and friendly. Now we are here in our own home by the sea!" (Helena) "I want to express my appreciation to the staff of My Home agency . Thanks to the coherence of My home's great sales team, our transaction was issued in minimum time and without delay. The price of property was attractive and My Home gave detailed advice on the Turkish legislation. Honestly, I was a little worried at first, since in Russia there are repeated fraud attempts in real estate. As it turned out, everything in Turkey is much safer and easier than in Russia. Now we are waiting for the finishing touches before our family moves into to our new home." (Andrew) "I never thought that one day I will call Turkey, "my home". I first came here in 2010 as a tourist. The vacation was so enjoyable that I didn't want to leave. After returning home I began to research information on the cost of a home on the Mediterranean Coast. I never thought I could afford it. I must say I was pleasantly shocked at how cheap it was. I spent a long time looking for information when I came across the inspection tours offered by My Home. So for my next vacation I decided to inspect properties in Alanya. My Home met me on arrival at the airport, and took me to the comfortable villa hotel where they explained all the details. Ä° didn't want to wait long before I could move in, so I chose a finished construction. Six months later I moved here permanently. Now I plan to invite my parents. By the way, after purchasing with "My Home" the inspection tour is free! I just want to say, it is all in your hands, do not be afraid to change your life! (Anna) "I would like to say "Thank You!" to My Home staff for their professionalism, kindness and conscientious work. Without any red tape all issues were resolved quickly and you helped me to execute all the documents which you explained in detail and even helped me obtain residence. It has been a dream to live here with my wife after retirement on the beach, and now it has come true. After moving here, we look much younger and our health improved from the sea air. Thank you! (Yuri)