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Taxes and charges

Before you make a final decision on buying a property in Turkey,you should carefully examine what kind of costs you have to incur making registration a property on your name.

Non-recurring costs.
• The cost of the transaction of purchase and sale, including the cost of notary services at the signing of the contract and the translation of the passport with the notarization - within 400 euros.
• Permission of the War Department - 600 Turkish lira.
• Completion Report (Iskan)
• Obtaining Completion Report or Habitation Report (New built properties only),starting from 1000 YTL, depending on the size and the location (Municipality)
• Stamp duty at registration of Tapu - 175 YTL
• Tax on property purchase (calculated from the declared value) - 3.3 percent.
• New connection of water meter- from 80 to 100 Turkish lira.
• New connection of electricity meter- from 180 to 200 Turkish Liras.
• Register and connection of a phone number - 35 Turkish lira.

Annual expenses
• Residential dues 0.4 percent of the property value
• Tax for garbage - from 3 to 40 euros
• For consumed electricity and water will pay according to the enumerator. Depending on the season electricity costs from 25 to 75 euros. For water about 10 euros per month. Bottled gas is purchased from specialized companies. The cost of the 60-liter bottle, which is enough for 2-3 months of daily use, is about 30 euros.
• Property insurance 85 to 200 euros.
• Earthquakes insurance 50 euros.