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Iskan means residence permit to be able to live in that particular house apartment or villa.
There are two types of iskan: General Iskan and Personal Iskan.

General Iskan: It is the approval taken from municipality after the construction is completed. The construction company who completed the construction apply to the municipality that is looking after the area that the construction is built. Municipality sends the fire department to the construction to check if the construction is built following the fire project.They check if the fire equipment is object to legal forms and complete. After fire department gives the approval, city defence department goes to the construction and checks if the building is built obeying the defence regulation.After that the construction company needs to take the approval of the social security department.After that architects and engineers of the municipality come and checks the building.If everything is ok then the construction company earns the right to have ISKAN for the building.

Personal Iskan: After one buys the property, he or she applies to the municipality.The owner,according to the metr square and the class of the property, pays the fees.After the type of title deed (TAPU) is changed, the owner gets its tapu and personal iskan.