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MyHome Ltd. provides you with a full range of property services, property registration services and after sales service. Whilst deciding on a prospective property, we offer you a personal visit of homes and apartments, under construction and completed. Accompanying you on tours will be one of our qualified multilingual agents. Should you decide to buy a house, apartment or office at the stage of construction, you will be assured of the highest quality construction. MyHome controls all facets of the construction process enabling us to provide clients with building structures, fittings and finish of only the highest standards.

After sales services from MyHome Ltd. includes a variety of services including expert maintenance and repair services. We also can organise house cleaning for you.

MyHome also offers complete rental services. In such cases that owners of residential and commercial premises are not able to immediately move to sunny Turkey, we offer the option of renting your premises on your behalf. Cleaning before tenants enter, and after their departure. In addition, we are always happy to help your friends and family to find rental apartments and villas in sunny Alanya.

MyHome includes a utilities payment service, so you don’t have to worry. MyHome can apply for your water and electricity registration and arrange payments for your electricity, water, phone bills and internet when it suits you.

Enjoy the Turkish Mediterranean coast it is such a beautiful scene. There are lots of attractions and places of interest. To drive along the coast is a joyous experience. MyHome can help. We give assistance to those who wish to rent or buy a car. Our staff are well aware of the car market in the region, so you will be able to choose a car with confidence to suit your desires.