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Purchase Procedure

Purchasing properties for private use in Turkey is not as complicated as you might think. The procedure is often far simpler than in most other European countries. We are at your service to help you with every single step through the formalities. Our personnel is preparing all documentation relating to the unencumbered purchase of a property in accordance with the laws.

Foreigners may purchase land and property in Turkey under their own names provided that the properties are located anywhere except restricted military zones and registered as agricultural land.

The procedures implemented in the purchasing process in Turkey are: 

Signing sales agreement

Arranged in two languages - buyer's native language and Turkish.

Acquisition of tax number

Required for opening bank account, TAPU registration application, utility subscriptions application.

Setting up a bank account

Eases money transfer and allows you to make an agreement with the bank for automatic utility bills payments.

Granting Power of Attorney

In case buyer will not be present during title deed transfer.

Application to military authorities

A formality to ensure that the property is outside of a restricted or militiry zones. Approval is recieved in 1,5-3 months.

Title Deed ( TAPU ) transfer

After the permisson from military authorities are granted, the seller transfers the title deed to the buyer at the Title Deed Directorate. Presence of certified interpreter is obligate.

Acquisition of ISKAN (habitation certificate)

Electricity and water subscription

Required documents:  Pasport, pasport's copy, passport size photographs.