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In accordance with Turkish law, TAPU-certificate of title to real estate. TAPU is the only official document confirming the transfer of ownership and sole ownership of real estate buyer. Apart from the cost of the object (this amount is used in the calculation of the annual property tax), the document states:

•  Address of the land on which the acquisition of real estate
•  Passport photos (in case of need 2 photos)
•  Information on registration of land in cadastral management
•  The area of ​​land (in proportion to the size of the housing)
•  Condition of the property belonging to the new owner (ownership / rental)
•  Value of the acquired property
•  Information about the previous owner (s)
•  Information about the new owner (s)
•  The date of acquisition of the property by the previous owner
•  A new serial number TAPU (changes with each transfer of property rights)
•  Registration details of a new document TAPU
•  The date of acquisition of the property the new owner
•  Authorized signature and stamp inventory management